75KVA 480V to 120/208V Three Phase Dry Type  Transformer

90A 600V 3P Primary Fused Disconnect

†† Secondary Output- 200A 120/208V 8- 20A 120/208V (L21-20R)

2- 20A 125V (5-20R) Duplex

3P Main Breaker Included


4 Wheel Power Carts combine all the features of the 3 Phase Power Distribution Panels with an on-board 480V Delta/Wye Transformer. Designed to breakdown 3 phase 480V power into 208V 3 phase, 208V single phase and or 125V single-phase power. The power supply input may be a direct wire feed, 60A or 100A pin and sleeve, or a cam type device. Either a large generator or another large power source may power them. These units combine a transformer and distribution panel. These are available in 100, 200 or 400 amp configurations. UL Approved up to 600Amps.

Additional information

Transformer 75KVA
Primary Disconnect 90A
Secondary Main Breaker 3pole 100amp
Panel No. 6221

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