Safety Meeting

Construction Electrical Product’s (CEP) Safety Meeting is a great way for your company to get the latest on Code Requirements for Temporary Power on Construction Sites, Industrial Plant Shut Downs, and Entertainment Events.  Learn the statistical background for these requirements when we cover the OSHA Fatal 4, Safe and Unsafe Current Values, and Jobsite injuries and fatalities.  We also include detailed interpretations of OSHA and NEC guidelines to ensuring compliance and safety. Simply complete and submit the registration form below, and we’ll be in contact to schedule your meeting.  CEP looks forward to helping you achieve and maintain your goal of ZERO INCIDENTS. Certificates of Completion are available for all attendees.

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Safety Meeting Registration

Safety Meeting Registration
Company Address
Date contingent on availability of CEP Representative.

Scheduled meeting can be set up as a Webinar or On-Site Meeting. On-Site meetings require 3-month advance notice.

Note: A representative of CEP will be in contact within 24 hours to confirm the date or to discuss alternate dates.